18.7 Approving Business Roles

Identity Governance provides an approval process for users, groups, or business role owners to approve the business roles they have been assigned to approve. The business role owners can approve the business role if the role's approval policy specifies Business role owners. However, you can also specify a list of users or members of a group to be approvers of the business role.

To approve a business role that is pending:

  1. Log in to Identity Governance as a user assigned to approve the business role.

  2. Select Policy > Business Roles.

  3. Select the Pending Your Approval tab.

  4. Select any of the pending approvals, then read and review the content of the business role.

  5. Specify a comment in the Comment field as to whether you approve the business role or if you want changes to the business role.

  6. Select Approve to approve the role.


    Select Request changes if you want the business role to be modified.

    When you select the Request changes option, the creator of the business role receives notification of the change request. After you or an administrator modify the business role, the approval workflow process starts again.