26.3 Completing Review Tasks

Identity Governance notifies reviewers by email when they have tasks for a review run. When you log in as a reviewer, you can see the assigned tasks for each review. Then you can evaluate the items in the task list. Usually, you either certify the permissions assigned to users for a particular application or the presence of unmapped accounts in the application .

After the reviewers have completed their tasks, a Review Owner must approve the changes to create a change list to be fulfilled. At this point, fulfillers and the review auditor, if one exists, get email notifications that they have tasks to complete in the review. For more information about these authorizations, see Section 2.1.2, Runtime Authorizations. For automated fulfillment configurations, Identity Governance sends fulfillment changes to configured systems. For more information about automated fulfillment, see Section 13.2, Configuring Fulfillment.

For more information about completing review tasks, see Section 27.2.5, Approving and Completing the Review.