9.2 Monitoring Scheduled Collections

The Data Sources > Schedules page provides an overview of each scheduled collection. You can find the times for the most recent and next activity of the collection. If a scheduled collection is inactive, Identity Governance displays the collection in a gray field.

To observe the details of a scheduled collection, select its name. Identity Governance lists the settings for the collection. You can modify the settings, such as adding and removing sources. Alternatively, you might want to deactivate the scheduled collection. If you modify the settings, ensure that you save the change.

To review the details for a recent run of the specified collection, select the run. Identity Governance indicates the success and time of collection and publication for each data source. If you select a data source, Identity Governance takes you to the details page for that source or an overview, if a group of sources. For example, if your schedule collects data from all identity sources, Identity Governance displays the Identity Sources overview page.