20.2 Listing Separation of Duties Violations and Cases

Identity Governance includes multiple places where actual SoD violations may be listed and the associated SoD case managed. Which you use depends on your needs.

To view SoD violations for a particular user or account:

  1. Select Catalog > Identities (or Accounts).

  2. Select the user or account you want to see.

  3. Select the Separation of Duties Policy Violations tab.

    NOTE:Identity Governance only displays this tab for a user or account if they have active violations. This tab shows only the SoD violations whose associated SoD case is currently open.

To view SoD violations for a particular SoD policy:

  1. Under Policy, select Violations.

  2. Filter on SoD case state list by selecting any of the state icons. For example Total, Not Reviewed, or Approved. You can also perform advanced searches. For more information, see Section 12.4.3, Using Advanced Filters for Searches.