13.8 Confirming the Fulfillment Activities

When the Fulfiller confirms the review fulfillment, Identity Governance updates the fulfillment item status under Fulfillment. Bootstrap, global, and fulfillment administrators can access the Fulfillment tab, as well as any individuals with the Fulfiller authorization in Identity Governance. After the administrator collects and publishes application sources again, Identity Governance updates the status of the fulfillment of all changesets except modify changesets.

The Review Auditor, if assigned, must accept or reject the review. Auditors can see the details and history of the review items. When rejecting a review run, the Auditor must add a comment about the rejection. Before the Auditor can verify fulfillment of the requested changes, you must collect and publish all identities and the application sources related to the review. If the review does not have any fulfillment activities, you do not need to perform this action.

For more information, see Section 13.3.1, Understanding Fulfillment Status.