3.5 Creating and Assigning Categories

Identity Governance allows you to set up categories to organize applications, permissions, business roles, and technical roles. You can define these categories in Identity Governance and assign them to entities. You can also customize your categories offline and upload them in bulk, you can export a JSON file, edit it, and import it to modify categories and category assignments.

  1. Log in to Identity Governance as a Customer, Global or Data Administrator.

  2. Select Configuration > Categories.

  3. To add new categories, select + and specify a name and description for the category.

  4. Assign the category to entities:

    1. Select + next to Assign entities.

    2. Select the entity type and then select specific entities to assign the category to.

    3. When you have selected all the entities, select Add. A tab for each entity type with list of entities is displayed.

    4. Select and remove the category assignment, if needed.

    NOTE:You can also assign categories to permissions, applications, or technical roles in the Catalog by editing an entity.

  5. Select Save and then close the window.

  6. To edit categories in bulk, select Export Categories and save the JSON file.

    NOTE:The exported JSON file consists of only categories. Entities assigned to the categories such as applications, permissions, business roles, or technical roles are not included in the exported file. Use the entity export feature to export entity with category reference.

  7. After you have edited the file, select Import Categories to import the file.

    NOTE:Use the entity import feature to import entity with category reference.