13.4 Customizing Fulfillment Target Templates

A fulfillment target template includes predefined service parameters and attribute mappings suitable for the fulfillment target application. To create a custom fulfillment target template, you can download and edit an existing template. Fulfillment target templates use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format for specifying the service parameters and mappings. You can use a JSON formatter or text editor to modify the content of the template file.

If a new or customized template replaces an existing template, you can disable the template that you no longer need.

  1. Log in to Identity Governance as a Customer, Global, or Data administrator.

  2. Select Configuration > Fulfillment Target Templates.

  3. Select a template, and then select Download or Disable.

  4. Edit the content.

  5. Under Fulfillment Target Templates, select +.

  6. Specify a template name and add description, then browse to the location of the updated file.

  7. Select Save.