Identity Governance as a Service User and Administration Guide

The User and Administration Guide provides conceptual information about the NetIQ Identity Governance product and step-by-step guidance for compliance administration and governance tasks.

Intended Audience

This book provides information for Identity Governance compliance administrators and other product users who are responsible for a variety of governance tasks including collecting and publishing identity and application data, creating policies, analyzing data, reviewing access, fulfilling change requests, and verifying changes in your environment. Specifically, it provides conceptual information and instructions for the following Identity Governance users:

  • Administrators such as Data Administrator, Review Administrator, and Insight Query Administrator

  • Policy owners such as Separation of Duties (SoD) policy owners

  • Application owners, managers, or supervisors

  • Auditors

  • Other users such as Review Owners, Reviewers, and Fulfillers

Other Information in the Library

The library provides the following information resources in addition to this guide. Visit the Identity Governance Documentation Web site to access all the documents in this library.

Release Notes

Provides information specific to this release of the Identity Governance product, such as known issues.

Reporting Guide

Provides information about Identity Reporting for Identity Governance and how you can use the features it offers.

Administrator’s Guide to Form Builder

Provides information about creating custom forms for specific permissions or applications.

Technical References

Provide specific details about narrow topics relevant to few use cases.