16.4 Understanding and Configuring Google Apps Templates

Identity Governance provides the following templates for Google Apps:

  • Google Apps User Identity

  • Google Apps User Account

  • Google Apps User Permission

Google Apps manages users, groups, and organizational units, including assigned roles and privileges. Collecting identities from Google Apps is similar to other data sources. However, to collect permissions, Identity Governance pulls information from Google Groups, which resembles discussion-based groups similar to those available in Usenet.

To gather information about actual user groups, Identity Governance collects from the Organizations (organizational units) in Google Apps. These organizational units can contain nested units. The top-level organization is always called ‘root.’ During collection, Identity Governance translates the organizational units into Identity Governance-style groups. In Identity Governance, the root group lists all the users in that organizational unit. If you select one of the nested groups under the root group, Identity Governance lists only the individuals assigned to that group.