4.3 Managing Logging Levels

A SaaS Operations Administrator can configure the logging levels for Identity Governance and the Identity Governance clients to provide a more granular view of the events occurring. Use the following information to enable or increase the logging levels for Identity Governance and Identity Governance clients.

4.3.1 Setting Logging Levels by Module and Package

Identity Governance allows the SaaS Operations Administrator to set logging levels for the packages in each available module. The product includes a short list of packages for each selected module to which an administrator can assign a logging level. They can also search for and add packages to each module, or delete packages from each module.

Identity Governance allows administrators to set the following logging levels for each package:

  • Info

  • Warning

  • Error

  • Fatal

  • Debug

  • Trace

  • None

Identity Governance displays a list of packages associated with each module. To configure or change logging levels, contact your SaaS Operations Administrator.