23.1 Reviewing Current Access and Requesting Access Removal

Current Access lists your permissions, technical role, and business role assignments. If you have permission to view access for others, you can change to another user to see that user’s access items. Additionally, you might also be allowed to remove access items for yourself and others.

  1. In the Access Request interface, select Current Access.

  2. Review your permissions, technical roles, and business roles. Dynamic resources appear as a link that you can select to show additional information on assignment details.

  3. (Conditional) If you have permission to view other users, select your name under Current Access and change to the other user to review that user’s permissions, technical role, and business role assignments.

  4. (Optional) Click the permission, technical role, or business role to view more information.

  5. Select another user to view that user’s current list of access items.

    NOTE:The current list of access items is always for the user listed under Current Access.

  6. (Optional) Remove access, type a reason, then select Add removal request to cart.

    If there is no X next to an item, that item is not removable.

    NOTE:When you remove technical role access, Identity Governance removes the technical role assignment and issues requests to remove the permissions of the role held by the user.

    When you remove business role access for a user who was assigned to a business role via access request assignment, Identity Governance removes the assignment. When you remove business role access for a user who meets the business role membership criteria, Identity Governance creates a fulfillment request for a business role administrator to modify the business role definition or change the user attributes so it no longer meets the membership criteria.

  7. (Conditional) If you have any items in the shopping cart, select the shopping cart, then click Submit.

    NOTE:Selecting X next to a request in the shopping cart immediately removes the request from the cart, but the request is not automatically submitted. You must submit the request for Identity Governance to process the request.