16.15 About REST Generic Fulfillment

The REST Generic fulfiller supports Oauth 2.0 and has three different authentication types: basic, generate bearer token, and enter access token. When using the bearer token authentication method, you must specify the username and password, then the OAuth2 client ID and secret for API access to the target application. The process for configuring the applications and generating the client ID and secret will vary depending on your target application. For additional information about getting the client ID and secret, contact the application owner.

Log in to the Cloud Bridge URL, then specify the ordinal when adding credentials.

Ordinal (Credential Position)

Authentication Type

Credential Set


Basic Auth

  • User Name

  • Password


Access Token

  • Access Token Header

  • Access Token


Bearer Token

  • User Name

  • Password


Bearer Token

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

Identity Governance uses the REST Generic fulfiller for fulfilling requests for any REST-based application using REST endpoints. This fulfiller also supports OAuth 2.0. The REST Generic fulfillment template allows you to customize the template. While configuring the Fulfillment Item configuration and mapping, click {..} for Content, then specify the service_method and the http_body.