24.2 Customizing Review Display

Identity Governance customizes the review display based on user authorization and the context of your action. It also enables you to customize the review display by:

  • Specifying attributes that can be displayed as columns by review type, setting the default number of rows per page for reviewers, and setting whether to display completed reviews using Reviews > Review Settings > Review Display Customization options

  • Selecting default grouping, sort, and reviewer columns using Review Definition > + > Default Reviewer Display Preferences options

    NOTE:Only attributes selected in Review Display Customization will appear as a column in Default Reviewer Display Preferences.

  • Selecting column options in the review definition and review items list areas by clicking the gear icon and viewing list of columns available for display

To customize review display:

  1. Log in to Identity Governance as a Customer, Global, or Review Administrator.

  2. Select Reviews > Review Settings > Review Display Customization.

  3. Specify whether you want the Completed Reviews section on the Reviews page to be shown expanded by default.

  4. Type the default number of rows per review items page.

    NOTE:Reviewers can change this setting for their display as needed. The recommended maximum number of rows is 50.

  5. For each review type, add or remove a column from reviewer display and rearrange columns as needed.

  6. Click Save.


  • To show attribute in expanded details, a Customer, Global or Data Administrator can select the attribute in the attribute type section of the Data Administration area, such as the Department attribute in Data Administration > Identity Attributes, and then select Display in Quick Info views under Listable Options.

  • To have Generic Attributes 1-6 available for selection in the Review Display Customization options for user and account access review types, a Customer, Global, Data, or Review Administrator must first select Data Administration > Permission Assignment Attributes, select the attribute, then select the Activate check box.