27.1 Managing a Review in Preview Mode

As the owner or an administrator of a review, when the review is in preview mode, you can perform any or all of the following tasks:

To manage a review in preview mode:

  1. In Identity Governance select Reviews > Definitions.

  2. Under the Status column, select Preview > more.

  3. (Optional) Click the View review definition version used for this run link to view version, review items, assigned reviewers, recipients of notification.

  4. (Optional) Select the edit icon to change the following details for the current review run:

    1. Select Duration to change the review end date to a specific date and time, expiration policy, partial approval policy, or the validity period of the current run.

    2. Select Monitor Reviews to change the Review Owner or Auditor.

    3. Select Task Due Date and Escalation to change the Escalation Reviewer, escalation timeout period.

  5. (Optional) Select the Reviewers tab to download list of all reviewers and their queue summary, list of review items in a selected reviewer’s queue, and list of all review items to CSV files.

  6. (Optional) Select the Review items tab to change the following details:

    1. Click the gear icon to customize display settings for the review items.

    2. Click the Change Reviewer option to change reviewers individually or select all and then click Actions > Change Reviewer.

      NOTE:If the review definition states that the change reviewer action requires a comment, then you must enter a comment to complete the action.

  7. (Optional) Select the Notifications tab to perform the following tasks:

    1. Search for email recipients by name.

    2. Click the Notification column to sort notifications by type.

    3. Click the Send notification preview option and enter the email ID of the recipient.

    NOTE: Notifications sent during review preview mode, which enable administrators and review owners to preview notifications, might have blanks for values, and names seen in the preview might not be the name that is sent in the real email.

  8. (Optional) Click Cancel preview if review properties and items were not as expected and the review definition needs to be modified or Go live.

  9. (Optional) Change the review end date and time.