31.9 Viewing Entitlement Assignments Statistics to Leverage Roles

To view the entitlement assignment statistics, your system must include business roles.

On the Role tab of the Governance Overview dashboard, Customer, Data, and Business Roles Administrators can view the Role Leverage widget to understand how entitlement assignments conform to business policies. The widget includes a graphical overview of the effectiveness of roles for a length of time, entitlements assignments using roles versus entitlements assigned directly, and the ratio of indirect role-based entitlements versus total entitlement assignments in percentage.

To change the default time range, log in as one of the authorized administrators, select the calendar icon, then select dates. To refresh the graphs, collect metrics for business role mining after publishing new business roles. Based on these metrics, you can then lower the risk by using role mining to create more roles. For more information, see Creating and Defining Business Roles.