21.6 Exporting and Importing Risk Policies

Once you have configured your risk levels, scores, and schedule, you can also export all the configured policies as a JSON file, edit it if required, and import it into another Identity Governance environment.

To export and import risk policies:

  1. Log in as Customer, Global, or Data Administrator.

  2. Under Policy, select Risk.

  3. Configure risk levels, scores, and schedule and save each policy.

  4. Select Export Risk Policies.

  5. (Conditional) When you set calculated risk scores for users in the system, export schema definition of user risk attribute if needed.

  6. To import risk policies, select Import Risk Policies.

  7. Identity Governance detects whether you are importing new or updated policies and whether the updates would create any conflicts or have unresolved references.

  8. Select how to continue based on what information is displayed. For example, under Updates, compare the imported values with current values for each entity by selecting the respective policy.

  9. Select the policies you want to import, and then click Import.