31.5 Viewing Data Collection Statistics and Summary

Requires collection from data sources and publication to the Identity Governance catalog.

On the Data tab of the Governance Overview dashboard, the Customer Administrators, Data Administrators, and Auditors can view data collection statistics such as the number of identity and application sources and collection schedules in the Data Collection widget on the Data tab. They can also select the sources and schedules to configure application sources and collection schedules. For more information, see Section 8.0, Collecting Applications and Application Data and Section 10.0, Creating and Monitoring Scheduled Collections.

In addition to the collection statistics, administrators can also view the total number of identities, groups, permissions, permission assignments, applications and accounts in the Data Summary widget. The Data Summary widget displays only the number of objects that are visible in the catalog. You can view this data as a bar chart, and authorized users can select a parameter to view the respective catalog details.

NOTE:View the Data Sources > Activity page for the actual number of collected or published data objects that include objects that are not visible in the catalog. You can also use the page to compare the collections or publications from two different times.