1.1 Understanding Key Administration and User Tasks

Identity Governance enables authorized users to:

  • Collect identities, application, and application data

  • Create application entities

  • Transform, publish, and manage data

  • Mine data and create technical and business roles

  • Assign governance responsibilities

  • Set risk thresholds and create SoD, data, and other policies

  • Review users, accounts, technical and business roles, business role definitions, and relationships

  • Request access and access removal

  • Fulfill or deny requests, and verify changes

  • Run analytics and gain governance insights

  • Manage compliance and remediate violations

This guide provides detailed information about the various governance tasks and specific instructions about review owner, reviewer, requester, request approver, and fulfiller tasks.

NOTE:If you are logged in and your access token times out, a message appears stating that you must re-authenticate or log out of the application. If you re-authenticate, Identity Governance displays the login screen in a separate window or browser tab. You must log in again to continue working in the Identity Governance application.