4.9 Customizing Download Settings

Identity Governance enables you to export and download data related to various functional areas as JSON, CSV, and Zip files. Based on your authorization, you can download items such as data sources, review, role, and policy definitions, reviewer, review item, and business roles lists, and technical and business roles. The download is performed asynchronously, and users can continue to work on the page or switch to a different page and not affect the download process.

HINT:For description of the internal ENUM values from the database that might appear in the CSV files, see the Identity Governance ENUM Values Technical Reference.

All your downloads are staged to a designated download area. When you download an item from the Identity Governance download area, the file is stored on your local hard drive. The file on your local hard drive is basically a copy of the data that is stored in the database. The data in the database is retained for the interval specified in the Configuration > Download Settings menu. Use the download icon on the Identity Governance title bar to download files and also manually delete data from the download area in the database before the end of the retention interval.

Use the Configuration > Download Settings menu to view the default download settings and optionally customize:

  • Attributes used to uniquely identify Identity Governance users, groups, permissions, or accounts when references to these entities are exported with other entities or definitions such as review definitions, request policies, SoD policies, and roles.

    NOTE:You should select an attribute that appears in the type ahead list, is enabled as Available in catalog searches in the Data Administration > Entity Attributes > Attribute definition page, and has unique relationship with the entity. Additional attributes might exist in the system but they cannot be used as uniqueness attribute. For example, you can select attributes such as Permission ID Digest which has a 1-1 relationship with permission. However, attributes such as titles, job codes, or departments would not be good candidates since they do not uniquely identify the entity.

  • Number of hours to retain downloads before they are deleted from the download area in the database (Download retention period)

  • Delimiter used to separate multi-valued attributes in the CSV (CSV Multi-value Delimiter)