12.6 Downloading Catalog Entities

You can download the identities, accounts, groups, and permissions in the catalog as CSV files. All the columns displayed in the table will be downloaded. To enable you to continue performing tasks even as the entities are being downloaded, Identity Governance saves the CSV file to a download page from where you can download the saved file at a later time. The download page enables you to search for a file by description or download type (typically, the page where the user initiated the download). You can also use search strings to search for a file. You can cancel a download in progress and delete all files individually or in bulk.

To download catalog identities, accounts, groups, or permissions:

  1. Select Catalog > entity > Download all as CSV to download all items.


    Select Catalog > entity and search for specific items. Then click Download all as CSV.

  2. Type the entity name or a meaningful description.

  3. Click Download.

  4. Click the download icon on the top title bar to access the saved file and download the file.

  5. (Optional) Delete the file from the download area in Identity Governance.

    NOTE:If you do not manually delete the file, Identity Governance will automatically delete the file based on your default download retention day settings. For information about customizing download settings, see Section 4.9, Customizing Download Settings.