11.6 Comparing Collections and Publications

Identity Governance supports both partial and full collections and publications. Full collections are collections that collect all raw data and transform the data whereas partial collections collect only the changes since the last collection and do not transform the data. Partial or change events collections and publications, collect and merge changes. To determine changes between each collection whether full or partial, check the status of a collection or publication on the Data Sources page. Optionally, enable syslog to log all events in the database, and access the history records in the database.

To prove or verify that you have complete and accurate data, by comparing full collection and publication details from the same data source at two different collection or publication times, use the default data policies or create additional data policies and compare the results on the Data Activities page.

To compare full collections and publications:

  1. Select Data Sources > Activity.

  2. (Optional) To focus the list on a specific time period, select the calendar icon.

  3. (Optional) To show a longer list, change the number of rows per page.

  4. To quickly compare a collection or publication with the previous collection or publication, select the item from the Date and status column.

  5. (Optional) In the comparison view, to view or open the applicable data policies, complete the following:

    1. Select the Refine comparison options gear icon.

    2. Select or clear listed policies to change your comparison results.

    3. Select Edit Policies to open the Data Administration > Policies and Controls page.

  6. To compare two collections or publications from non-consecutive times:

    1. Group data sources.

    2. Select a data source name to view list of activity.

    3. Select two listed collections or publications using the check boxes.

    4. Click Compare.

    5. View changes and select links to view additional information about the changes. For example, if the number of changes is not zero, that number is a link. Selecting that link opens a quick view of the items that changed.

  7. (Optional) Select Overview on the top navigation bar to view Data Policy Status details. For more information, see Section 31.7, Viewing Policies and Controls Status, Violations, and Trends.

    NOTE:The Governance Overview dashboard data summary numbers such as the number of permissions will not always match the number of collected and published objects in the Activity page. The Activity page shows the number of objects collected or published by Identity Governance. The Data Summary widget shows only the number of objects that are visible in the catalog. Based on your collector configuration, Identity Governance might exclude objects such as Users who are flagged as inactive or permissions objects that represent items like resource parameters from the catalog resulting in a different number of objects than the number of collected or published objects.