8.8 Collecting Application Data for Multiple Applications

When collecting permissions or accounts for a multi-application collector, you must collect the Unique Application ID attribute. The value collected for this attribute will determine the application the collected permission or account will be assigned to. Identity Governance searches for an application whose Application ID From Source attribute matches the collected Unique Application ID value.

To create a multi-application collector:

  1. Log in to Identity Governance as a Customer or Data Administrator.

  2. Select Data Sources > Applications.

  3. Edit an application source or create an application manually.

  4. Specify Unique Application ID.

  5. Save the changes.

  6. Enable the data source to collect permissions or accounts from multiple applications.

  7. Add eligible applications.

    NOTE:For an application to be eligible for collection using the multi-application collector, the subordinate application must have no collectors, must also have a unique Application ID (Application ID from Source), and its permissions must not be collected by any other application.

  8. Specify all the mandatory fields for all the data sources.

  9. Save your settings.

  10. (Optional) Select + and add collectors. For more details about collecting accounts and permission data see, Section 8.7, Collecting Application Data from a Single Application Source.