8.5 Creating an Application Source

Application sources provide the information to build a catalog of the permissions and accounts within your organization. These data sources are configured with one or more collectors to gather the information from that source.

Identity Governance enables you to create application sources in the following ways:

  • Using the application definition templates provided with Identity Governance

    Application definition source templates enable you to create an application that can collect permissions from other eligible applications as well as collect accounts and permissions from a variety of application sources.

  • Manually creating an application

  • Importing a JSON file

To create an application source using the application definition template:

  1. Log in to Identity Governance as a Customer, Global or Data Administrator.

  2. Select Data Sources > Applications Definitions.

  3. Specify a name and description.

  4. Select an application definition template such as ServiceNow or CSV.

  5. Specify all the mandatory fields.

  6. Save your settings.

  7. Select Application Definition Sources.

  8. Click the Collect icon.

  9. Select a publication option.

    1. To publish all applications click the Publish icon.

    2. To publish only the changes, select the Apply Changes icon.

  10. Select Data Sources > Applications.

  11. Check that all the defined applications are listed as applications.

To create an application manually:

  1. Log in to Identity Governance as a Customer or Data Administrator.

  2. Select Data Sources > Applications.

  3. Select + to create a data source.

  4. Specify a name.

  5. (Optional) Specify other fields as needed.

  6. Save the settings.

  7. Select Data Sources > Applications and configure the newly collected application.

To create an application by importing a JSON file, select Import an application source on the Applications page and import the application JSON file.

IMPORTANT:To import data sources, you must first export the data source from the current version of Identity Governance. Data source files exported from earlier versions of Identity Governance do not import correctly to the current version. Hence, the data source must be recreated in the current version of Identity Governance.