3.3 Assigning and Managing Delegation for All Users

  1. Log in as a Customer, Global Administrator, or Data Administrator.

  2. Under Policy, select Delegation.

  3. Click + to add a delegate.

  4. Search and select a user, assign a delegate, and select an assignment type.

  5. (Optional) Add a reason, specify the start and end date of delegation, and activate the delegation.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Repeat the above steps to add delegates for other users.

  8. Select rows and then select Actions > Validate delegate mappings to ensure delegate mappings, if chained, are chained appropriately. Fix invalid mappings, if any.

  9. (Optional) Select Edit to change a user, delegate, reason, or status.

  10. (Optional) Select Delete to terminate a delegation.

  11. (Optional) Select rows and then select Actions > Activate or Actions > Deactivate to change the status of multiple delegations.

NOTE:Review owners and review administrators can bypass delegation for the review management roles (review owner, escalation reviewer, and auditor) by editing the running review instance. These changes are made only for the running review instance. Delegates can also assign another user as a reviewer by using the Change Reviewer option on the review tabs. Request approvers can also bypass delegation for the approver role by reassigning approvers on the Approval page.