31.1 Understanding the Governance Widgets and Dashboards

The Governance Overview dashboard provides an overview of real-time adaptive statistics related to the governance system. Customer Administrators, Data Administrators, and other authorized users can access the Governance Overview dashboard to monitor:

  • Data collection statistics and data summary

  • Risk scores

  • Policy status and violation trends

  • Mapped and unmapped accounts related statistics

  • Role effectiveness and number of entitlement assignments via roles versus direct assignments

  • Activities statistics and trends

Identity Governance groups the out-of-the-box dashboard widgets by Data, Risk, Policy, Account, Activity, and Role types. You can perform many different actions to customize the dashboard and widgets for your organization. You can:

  • Rearrange or hide the default tabs

  • Resize and move widgets within each default tab

  • Save the new tab order and widget layout as a local user preference

  • Save the new tab order and widget layout as the new default setting

  • Restore the default view

  • Create new widgets and dashboards

You cannot add or remove widgets from the default tabs. Some timeline widgets on the default tabs display a settings icon, and allow you to click the settings icon to view the legend for the widget and specify the values you want the timeline widget to display.

Governance widgets display your governance status and metrics in respective areas. To view the content on the Governance Overview dashboard, users must have the appropriate access authorization, and administrators must have completed the required tasks. For example, Auditors have read-only access to the Governance Risk Score widget whereas Customer Administrators and Data Administrators can edit the risk score configuration and calculate risk scores.