26.1 Understanding Review Run in Preview Mode

When the review owner initiates a review run in preview mode, or when a review run starts automatically in preview mode, the following activities occur:

  1. Identity Governance generates lists of Reviewers, Review items, and Notifications.

  2. The Review Owner previews the review definition for the current run and optionally, changes the review end date, review owner or auditor, and modifies review options and schedule.

  3. The Review Owner reviews all the review items and assigned reviewers, or searches for specific review items to decide whether the items should be assigned to another reviewer.

  4. The Review Owner also previews the emails notification templates and verifies that appropriate notifications are being sent to the correct recipients.

    NOTE:Any changes made by the Review Owner are applied only to the current run. If permanent changes need to be made to the review definition, or reviewers need to be changed for all subsequent runs, the changes must be made by editing the review definition itself.

  5. Optionally, the Review Owner can download all or select review items as a CSV file to review it manually.