31.10 Viewing Activity Statistics and Trends

To view activity statistics, your system should have auditing enabled and collected activity and entity usage statistics metrics.

On the Activity Statistics tab of the Governance Overview dashboard, Customer Administrators, and Auditors can view daily, weekly, monthly, or custom date range Identity Governance activities when authorized users have previously enabled auditing and collected activity usage statistics and entity usage statistics metrics.

By default, authorized users can view overall usage, summaries, and top five activities based on the selected date range and last collection. The top five activities are selected based on the total number of activities within the selected date range. The top five activities will change if the selected date range is changed.

Customer Administrators can also add other activity widgets by adding and removing specific activities from the Activity Statistics dashboard selection panel. For example, an administrator can select certification policy violation detection activity. Click the gear icon to view the list of activities and select one or more activities. Each newly added activity generates a timeline and a summary widget.