16.16 About Workflow Service Fulfillment

Identity Governance uses the Workflow Service fulfillment target to get a workflow from the Workflow Service and run the workflow to fulfill changesets. You can either use an existing workflow or create a workflow in Identity Governance. Identity Governance then sends the changeitemid to the Workflow Service to process the fulfillment.

NOTE:To edit the workflow, click the Edit link next to the Workflow field to launch the Workflow Builder in the Workflow Administration Console. In the Workflow Builder, ensure that the default IGA fulfillment request form is selected for the fulfillment request to complete. Using any other form for your fulfillment request might result in unpredictable behavior.

The Workflow Service identifies the entity, parses the information, and completes the task. The Workflow Service, however, does not inform Identity Governance when the task finishes. To check the fulfillment steps or fulfillment status, select Fulfillment > Status or Requests > Requests.