8.1 Creating a Workflow

If you have appropriate permissions you can use Workflow Builder to create workflows. Workflows you create and publish, are stored in the database and used for approvals of user requests.

To create a workflow:

  1. Select Catalog > Workflow.

  2. Click the plus sign (+).

  3. Enter a unique identifier, and a name for the workflow.

    NOTE:The Identifier field supports the special character, underscore (_). However, after you save a workflow, you cannot change a unique identifier.

  4. Type a description.

  5. (Optional) Click the Choose Template drop-down if you want to create the workflow based on a template. You can edit the workflow from the Workflow Builder.

  6. Click Create Workflow.

  7. Use Workflow Builder to create or edit the workflow.

  8. Save or publish the workflow.

  9. Close the window to return to the Workflows page.

NOTE:For associating a system template workflow or a custom workflow to Identity Governance approval or fulfillment policy, you must select the respective Identity Governance request form in the Start Activity.

8.1.1 Copying a Workflow

You can use the copy function to create a new workflow from an existing workflow.

To copy a workflow:

  1. Click Catalog > Workflow.

  2. Click Create as a copy for the workflow you want to copy.

  3. Enter a new unique identifier, workflow name, and description for the workflow.

    If you do not provide new details, the application uses details such as identifier, name, and description from the original workflow.

  4. Click Create Workflow.

  5. Use Workflow Builder to make any change.

  6. Save or publish the workflow.

  7. Close the window to return to the Workflows page.