3.0 Exploring the Dashboard

With an increasing number of workflows, being able to generate an easy-to-understand summary is crucial, especially if you are in the role of an administrator. The Dashboard provides easy-to-read, easy access, real-time information that you need to know about the approval flow process and make informed decisions without having to install a separate web service for gathering workflow metrics.

The Dashboard is the default landing page that displays when you log in to the Workflow Administration Console for the first time. The Dashboard provides you a summary of all workflow processes in the database derived using simple metrics for analyzing the workflow performance. Each metric is represented on the Dashboard in form of a tile. You can monitor these tiles to keep track of how the workflow processes are performing. For example, you can monitor the number of workflow processes that are pending approval or the number of workflow processes retracted or reassigned to another user. It helps you to prioritize the workflows based on the need of your organization.