15.0 Managing Approvals by Email

The Workflow Administration Console allows you to send an email notifying the request reviewers that they need to review a permission request. The email notification can include links that can be used for approving, rejecting, reassigning, or returning requests. You can either respond to the request, or assign the request to another approver without logging in to the application.

You can respond or reassign the notification email in the following ways:

  • By clicking the “Approve”, “Reject”, “Reassign”, or “Return” link in the email. When you click one of these links, the application composes a new email with the required subject and allows you to enter comments in the email and send it.

  • By modifying the subject line of the email. However, you must ensure that the keywords “Approve”, “Reject”, “Reassign”, or “Return” along with the alpha-numeric unique code is not changed.


    • If you forward the email to another user, the link for approval, rejection, reassignment, or return does not work.

    • When you reassign a request, you can specify the approver’s email address to whom you want to reassign. In the absence of an email address, the Workflow Administration Console sends the request to your supervisor.

    • You cannot reassign a request to a group for approval.

    • To reply to the notification email, set the “From” address of the request reviewer mail server as same as the incoming mail server.

    • You cannot select email-based approval notification templates for requests that has custom or complex forms associated with the approval activity. A custom or a complex form usually includes mandatory fields or where the approval activity requires data item mapping.

This chapter includes the following sections on email based approval: