4.1 Manage User Access

The Settings page in the Workflow Administration Console allows you to control the accessibility and visibility of the pages for a user. You can add users and groups as trustees, which provides them access to different pages within the console. Trustees can view only the pages to which they have access.

Based on the policies of your organization, you can click Access > Settings to assign permissions to users, who in turn can act as administrators.

NOTE:A trustee who has access permission to the Settings page, cannot view the page unless he has permissions to one or more page items under Access > Settings.

The trustees can perform operations on the pages for which they have permission. However, if a trustee tries to access a page that is not provisioned, they are redirected to the dashboard.

Each Navigation item has a set of default trustees. If no default trustee is assigned, the Add Trustee link is displayed.

4.1.1 Assigning Trustees

You can assign access permissions to perform tasks such as create, edit, delete, reassign, restore.

To configure a trustee for a page:

  1. In the Workflow Administration Console, select Settings > Access.

  2. Expand the required Navigation item for which you want to provision access.

    NOTE:When you provide access to a page item, you must provide access for the Navigation item of that page.

  3. Click the link under the Trustees column.

  4. Click the Select User, Group box, and select the relevant tab.

  5. Use the search field to search for users or groups.

  6. Specify one or more trustees for the selected page item.

  7. Click Ok.

  8. Click Save.