6.5 Modifying a Published Form

After publishing a form, you might require to add additional fields or change the properties of existing fields. In Workflow Administration Console, you can easily modify a form using Form Builder. Every time a form is modified, the Forms page updates the user name and time stamp of this event in the Updated By and Updated On columns respectively. This information can be useful for tracking and determining when the most recent update was, and who made it.

To modify a form:

  1. Click the form name link to launch Form Builder in a new browser tab.

  2. Modify the form as required and save the changes. For help on how to use Form Builder, see Administrator’s Guide to Form Builder.

  3. Select the Workflow Administration Console browser tab to return to the Forms page.

  4. Click the Refresh icon to update the Forms page manually.

  5. In the Actions tab, click the Publish icon to publish the form.


  • We recommend you to create and modify a copy of the default request and approval form, rather than modifying the original. For more information on how to create copy of a form, see Creating a New Form by Copying an Existing Form.

  • If you modify a form that is already associated with a workflow, the changes will not update in the attached form until you publish it. After you publish the form, the workflow is automatically updated with the latest version of that form.