12.0 Email Notification Template Overview

In a workflow process, an email notification is sent at various points in the course of its execution. The email notification function included in the Workflow Administration Console allows you to send email notifications that notify users of changes in the state of a workflow, tasks that they need to perform, or when a user assigns a workflow activity to a new addressee. You can send an email notification to one or more users.

Workflow Administration Console allows you to create email templates for any user activity, finish activity, and the email activity. You can then associate these templates with the activities in the workflow builder.

When you create a template and include template tokens, you must specify the source expression for the tokens. When an email is sent, the tokens are replaced dynamically with the values defined under data item mapping in the workflow builder.

The Workflow Administration Console also includes eight default templates. You can use them as-is, or customize them for your environment.