I Introduction to Workflow Service

Workflow Service is a web-based service for creating workflows. It allows you to create, execute, and manage workflows, ranging from simple approval processes to custom workflows that exchange data with REST services. As a result, workflows created using Workflow Service can integrate with other systems both inside and outside the organization. For example, Identity Governance employs Workflow Service to build custom approval processes. The approval process is then associated with the permissions. When a user requests for permission, the Workflow Service initiates and executes the approval process.

Workflow Service provides a wide range of capabilities, including:

Designing Workflows

Design workflows using custom request and approval forms.

Monitoring and Managing Workflow Processes

Initiate a workflow and monitor the running workflow process.

Email Based Approval

Request reviewers to approve or deny a request using email.

Email Notification Service

Notify approvers of tasks in their queues, inform the initiator that the workflow is done, or update if there is any change in the workflow status.


Debug the configurations for various features provided in the applications.


Log events occurring in the Workflow Administration Console to provide evidence that you are complying with regulations.