16.2 Configuring the Workflow Cluster Settings

The following table describes the workflow cluster settings that you can configure:

Cluster Setting


Heartbeat Interval

Specifies the time interval at which the Workflow Engine sends out a heartbeat signal to indicate that it is active and running in the cluster.

If a Workflow Engine crashes and is restarted, its last state in the database will indicate that it is still running. The Workflow Engine therefore uses a heartbeat timer, which sends heartbeats at the specified interval, to determine that it is still running in the cluster. The minimum value for the heartbeat interval is 60 seconds.

Heartbeat Factor

Specifies the factor that is multiplied with the Heartbeat Interval to arrive at the heartbeat timeout. The minimum value for the Heartbeat Factor is 2.

The heartbeat timeout is the maximum elapsed time permitted between heartbeats before an engine will be considered timed out.