10.5 Customizing the Identity Governance Style Sheet

You can modify the stylesheet (CSS file) that Identity Governance uses to display enterprise-specific branding. Identity Governance defaults to the NetIQ template.

  1. Log in as the Apache Tomcat server administrator to the Apache Tomcat server that hosts Identity Governance.

  2. In the home directory of the Apache Tomcat server administrator, create a directory named netiq_custom_css. For example:


    • Linux: /home/SmithJ/netiq_custom_css

    • Windows: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\netiq_custom_css

    NOTE:For Windows environments, you might need to create the directory in a different location. To determine the correct location, you can use the Process Monitor tool from Microsoft. For more information, see Process Monitor in the Windows Sysinternals documentation.

  3. (Optional) If you are using Process Monitor, include the following steps:

    1. Create a filter including the following:

      • Process name is java.exe

      • Operation is CreateFile

      • Result contains PATH NOT FOUND

      • PATH contains custom.css

    2. Log in to Identity Governance.

    3. When the product loads in your browser, look back at Process Monitor to see the path for your Windows environment.

  4. Create a file named custom.css.

  5. Edit the custom.css file to include your branding and other custom style settings that you want Identity Governance to use.

  6. (Conditional) To use custom images, add the images to the netiq_custom_css directory.

  7. To preview your changes, log in to Identity Governance.

    You might need to refresh the page in the browser. You do not need to restart the Apache Tomcat server.