5.4 Understanding Data Sources

To certify that your users have the appropriate levels of access to resources and applications, you need to populate the Identity Governance catalog with the identities, applications, application accounts, and application permissions that exist in your environment.

Data sources are external data repositories located on-premises or on the cloud from which Identity Governance collects data using collector templates. Identity Governance uses these sources to collect and merge data from a variety of sources and adds them to the catalog to facilitate governance operations.

Identity Governance supports the following types of data sources:

  • Identity data sources to collect, merge, and publish identities and groups.

  • Application data sources to collect and publish accounts and permissions from a single application source using one or more collector templates.

  • Application definition sources to collect application entities. Application definition data sources collect application records, but do not collect application data such as accounts and permissions. When you publish an application definition data source, the associated applications appear in the catalog. The application definition data source itself does not appear in the catalog. To collect and publish the associated applications’ data (accounts and permissions), you will need to configure collectors on the application source.