21.9 Disabling the Access Request Service

You can prevent displaying the Access Request pages in Identity Governance by disabling the Access Request service. When you disable the service:

  • All Access Request options are removed from navigation

  • Users with no rights in Identity Governance will not be redirected to Access Request

  • All REST API calls for access request will return errors

  • Users directly accessing the Access Request interface will see the following error message after login: Access request services are disabled. Contact your system administrator.

NOTE:This setting does not affect request and approval polices. Users still will be able to administer and view policies.

To disable the Access Request service:

  1. Start the Identity Governance Configuration Utility in console mode.

    • Linux: Default location of /opt/netiq/idm/apps/idgov/bin, then enter ./configutil -console -password database_password

    • Windows: Default location of c:\netiq\idm\apps\idgov\bin, then enter configutil -console -password database_password

  2. Disable the Access Request service:

    config> add-property GLOBAL com.netiq.iac.access.request.enabled false

  3. Exit the console and restart tomcat.