22.6 Comparing Access of Multiple Users

If you have permission to see and request items for others, you can also show multiple users with their permissions listed to compare their access. When you are comparing a user to other users, you can request items for the first user in the list, making it easy to ensure that users in the same job role have the same access.

  1. In the Access Request interface, select Compare.

  2. Under User Access Comparison, select the user whose access you want to compare with others.

  3. Select the permissions tab or the technical roles tab to compare permissions or technical role assignments.

  4. Select Compare to for a list of users to compare with the first user.

  5. (Optional) To continue adding to the table, select Compare to and choose additional users.

    As you add users to compare with the first user, Identity Governance adds permissions or technical roles in the first column to reflect the listed users’ permissions or technical roles, adds check marks in the appropriate columns to show that a user owns a permission or technical role, and includes a link to add or remove permission or technical role for the first column for any permission or technical role you are allowed to change for that user.

  6. (Optional) Select Add or Remove to change the permissions or technical roles for the first user in the table, enter a reason, and select Add to request or Add removal request to cart.

    NOTE:Dynamic resources might require additional input. For example, if the dynamic resource is a phone, you might have to select a phone model.

  7. (Conditional) If you added access or removal requests to your cart, select the cart and submit the requests.

    NOTE:Selecting X next to a request in the shopping cart immediately removes the request from the cart, but does not submit the request.