Document Tagging

Document Tagging is the general process of adding extra information to documents. It includes static additions to the documents (for example, adding information from Eduction into the document) or more dynamic information (for example, marking a document for further analysis or workflow).

You can use document tagging to:

Query with Tags

Tags have various uses for querying.

In general, filtering is the most efficient use. A full text index for entity fields might take up a lot of index space, which can reduce query speeds. You should only use this option in cases where you can get the most value from the text by being able to search it for stemmed values and similar terms.

Use Tags in Other Processes

You might be able to use your tags in other processing that you apply before you index the documents. You might use the tags to:

You might use Eduction to extract country names from documents before you index them, and then add the country name to a field. You might then perform categorization to add each document to the category for each country that it includes.