Query Results

The response from a Query action can be as simple as just the number of results for the query, or as complex as a full highlighted copy of the result documents, with additional summaries and metadata presented.

IDOL Server always returns the number of results that the query returns (the number of hits, up to the requested MaxResults for the query). You can use the TotalResults parameter to also show the total number of results in the index, and result counts for each database.

By default for each result, IDOL Server returns the reference, title, database, relevancy (weight), and any configured Print fields. You can return additional fields from the documents by adding the PrintFields parameter to the Query action. You can return additional metadata fields (such as the language and date of the results) by using the XMLMeta parameter.

You can augment each result with a summary of the result, and highlight the links (terms in the document that matched the query) in both the summary and the body content of the document.

You can cluster results by direct similarity (the Cluster action parameter), or by selecting representative phrases for topics (the QuerySummary action parameter, which is the basis of Automatic Query Guidance).


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