User Security

With IDOL, you can authenticate users against a security repository. You can use a third-party repository, or store user security information in IDOL.

For a third-party security repository, you can authenticate users by using their domain or network credentials, or by using an LDAP or Lotus Notes server. For IDOL logon, the user details are stored in IDOL, and they can authenticate with a password or PIN code, which you specify when you create the user account.

IDOL user security is a simple method for user authentication. It can use details and credentials that already exist on other systems, so that there is no lengthy setup procedure. You can also easily import details from third-party systems to use in IDOL, which allows you to use the IDOL security features (for example, viewing secure documents, or using and modifying categories).

IDOL user security also means that you do not need to implement user authentication in your front-end applications.

With IDOL user security, you can also lock or automatically delete user accounts if they do not authenticate themselves successfully in a specified period of time.