6.0 Setting up Information Privacy

InfoConnect Desktop products include support for several information privacy features that are designed to help you comply with industry and government regulations, like Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) that address data protection concerns. You can configure InfoConnect to protect sensitive data so that it is not displayed in InfoConnect productivity features like Screen History, and when sharing host data using Windows copy and paste for integration with other applications. For IBM hosts, you can mask sensitive data so that it is not displayed on host screens. You can also require secure connections for sessions that handle sensitive data.

This guide shows how to configure InfoConnect to support PCI DSS requirements.

  • What is PCI DSS? describes PCI DSS and shows which requirements InfoConnect aids compliance with.

  • Configure Information Privacy Settings is a high level summary of how to configure InfoConnect to protect information privacy.

  • Setting up Redaction of Primary Account Numbers provides in-depth information about the three InfoConnect options for credit card PAN (Primary Account Number also referred to as “credit card number”) detection: Simple PAN Detection, Simple PAN Detection with Preceding Text, and Reflection PAN Detection. This section includes suggestions about when to use each option, the considerations of each, and examples of how to set them up.

  • Configure Information Privacy with Group policy shows how to use Group Policy files to set up Information Privacy.

  • Setting up Privacy Filters includes suggestions for using simple expressions to create privacy filters that redact personal data such as phone numbers or US Social Security numbers.

  • More About Information Privacy provides references to general industry PCI DSS documentation and tutorials for creating regular expressions (used for PAN identification).