4.8.1 The Events Mapper

Using the Events Mapper, you can configure InfoConnect to initiate actions when an event is encountered during a host session. You can associate events with any of the actions available in the Select Action Dialog Box. You can specify whether the events should be cancelled or removed after the first time they are handled. You can also configure events to execute one after another, in the order shown in the Events list.

To create an Event

  1. Start a 3270, 5250, or VT session.

  2. Open the Events Mapper

    The steps depend on your user interface mode.

    User Interface Mode



    On the Tools tab, click Events Mapper.


    Tap the Wrench icon and then select Events Mapper.

    InfoConnect Browser

    On the InfoConnect menu, choose Tools and then Events Mapper.

    Classic MDI

    On the View menu, select Events Mapper.

  3. Click New and then follow the instructions in the Event Editor wizard to select the type of event, specify the parameters for the event (if required), add an action for the event, and determine whether to disable it after it runs the first time. When you are through, name the event you created.

    The event is displayed in the Events list. Note that the checkbox next to the event is selected. This indicates that the action associated with the event will be performed the next time the event is handled. If you have selected to disable the “event state after the action is complete”, this checkbox will be automatically unselected after the event runs.

  4. To insert a copy of an event, select the event in the Events list and then click Duplicate.

  5. Before you save the session document file, make sure the events in the Events list are selected (if you want them to run the next time you open the session).

You can assign actions to the following types of events: