Preferences Tab (Options Dialog Box)

The options are:

When the FTP Client exits

Select how the client handles configuration changes. If you select Save configuration automatically, changes are saved to the current settings file.

Confirm file delete

Select whether the client prompts you for confirmation before deleting a file or folder.

Hide progress window

Suppress the connection progress, transfer progress, and error notification dialog boxes.

Do not use animation

By default Reflection uses animation during certain actions, for example a waving flashlight appears while you are waiting for a directory listing. Turning off the use of animation may fix some problems that cause Reflection to become unresponsive.

Force site-to-site transfers through local machine

Force all site-to-site transfers to copy files first to the local computer then to the destination server. Use this for FTP servers that don't support direct site-to-site transfers.

NOTE:If there is a secure connection to either server, or the transfer type is not Binary, the client always transfers files this way, regardless of the value of this setting.