MAPPER Settings

In most cases, you should be able to transfer data without making any modifications to the default configuration. You will need to change the defaults if you are using a version of MAPPER whose user interface or commands have been translated from English into another language. If you are not sure what to enter, contact your host administrator.

Mapper Report

End report

The text that appears at the end of a MAPPER report.

Page identifier

The text string that identifies the display as a MAPPER report page.

Shift command

The command that scrolls the MAPPER report horizontally.

RID not found message

The MAPPER message that appears when you try to open a MAPPER report using an invalid number.

Trim trailing spaces

Specifies the default setting that will be selected in the Receive File dialog box. Select this option to delete any extra spaces that might exist at the end of the received file.

Retain header on download

Specifies the default setting that will be selected in the Receive File dialog box.

If you plan to upload a file again later, it is recommended that you do not retain header information. If you include a header in a downloaded file, then subsequently upload the file, the MAPPER report will have two headers: the one inherent in the MAPPER report, and the one included in the PC file.

File type

Specifies the default setting that will appear in the Receive File dialog box.

Comma separated fields - Convert tabs to commas (most spreadsheets and databases can import files in this format).

Convert tabs to spaces - Convert tabs to spaces.

Do not change tabs - Retain the tabs.


When target file exists

Specifies the default setting for handling transfers when the file exists.

Insert - (Send File only) Insert the data in the PC file into the MAPPER report, beginning at the line specified in the At Line text box. All subsequent data in the MAPPER report will be moved down

Overwrite - Replace all data.

Append - Add data to the end of the report.

Cancel - Do not transfer data.

Command code

The MAPPER command code that precedes a MAPPER command (such as the commands to add or delete lines).

Look switch

The command used to switch between the old MAPPER look (MAPPER 34) and the new MAPPER look (MAPPER 35).

Line zero


The command to display Line Zero Information.


The title of the Line Zero Information page.