12.2.4 PTR Route Wizard - Host Path

To configure the host connection, you select a host type, then configure the path to connect to the host.

Host Type



A Unisys ClearPath IX series, 1100/2200 Series, or System 80 host.


A Computer Reservation System (CRS) such as Amadeus, Apollo, SABRE, or Shares.


Use an API connection, either User API External Interface Library or e-Print (PTR Remote API).The INFOConnect PTR User API Programmer's Reference provides details on how to create an application that prints vouchers and other specialized tickets from your Windows printer by sending data directly to a printer.


LPD is available in the list of host types only if there is an existing LPD host path available.

After you select a host type, the Path Wizard opens and displays existing paths that are available for the selected host type. If no paths are available, or if you want to create a new path, you can use the Path Wizard to create a new path for this route.