Use the Secure Shell Log File

The log file contains information you can use to troubleshoot Secure Shell connections.

NOTE:You can use the Logging Level setting to determine the amount of information written to the Secure Shell log. This setting is available from the Reflection Secure Shell Settings dialog box -- General tab.

To use the log file from the InfoConnect workspace

  1. Select Network protocol details, and then click OK.

  2. Locate the event file (*.rev) and then click Open.

  3. Select a filename and format for your log output, and then click Save.

To use the log file from the FTP Client

  • Do one of the following:



    Send log information to a file

    Tools > Start Logging, and then change Files of Type to "Diagnostic File (*.txt)".

    View the log information in the FTP command window

    View > Command Window.