4.4.3 Manage Keyboard Map Dialog Box

Keyboard map files control the action of keys on your PC keyboard, so that they correspond to specific host keys or provide keyboard shortcuts. When you create a terminal session document, it includes a pointer to a default, built-in keyboard map file. You can choose a different keyboard map file for each session, and you can create custom keyboard map files with the settings you prefer.

Select another keyboard map file

Click to choose a different keyboard map file from a list of existing keyboard map files. The file must be in a trusted location.

Modify the currently selected keyboard map file

Select to modify the keyboard map file used by this session. Because built-in files are read-only, if the currently selected file is a built-in file, it will be saved as a custom file when you change it.

Create a new keyboard map from an existing file

Click to create a custom keyboard map file based on an existing keyboard map file. To reopen the file later, it must be saved in a trusted location.